Friday, June 1, 2012

The Body Shop Lilly Cole VIP night

I just saw the most adorable makeup products from The Body Shop tonigh, Lilly Cole and The Body Shop has teamed up to create these lovely CRUELTY FREE girly summer must haves!

We got to see, touch, feel, smell, and use the products on our own skin tonight. And the lovely Body Shop girls gave us a makeover. Anf ofcourse we got to purchase the products as well.

This line of products will be on the shelves some time in july and I absolutely can't wait to hear what you guys think of the super pink super cute packaging.

The collection consists of
  • two lip & cheek domes
  • an illuminating face primer
  • 4 sheer but colourful mini glosses
  • a lovely new shimmer brick palette
  • a purple liquid liner
  • and lovely shimmer pearls

 First impressions:

Lip & cheek domes:
they come in 2 shades, a pink and a peachy/coral shade. These are supposed to be dabbed on to the cheeks or the lips for a natural flush of colour. The peach one was not very pigmented but would be really lovely for pale/fair skin and the pink one is a nice "suits all" kinda shade. These remind me of water colours. They have the pretty sheerness of a stain but the creamyness of a balm. They have no shimmer in them but will make you cheeks quite dewy. Great for dry skin.

 Liquid eyeliner:
Such a pretty dark pearly shade of purple. Comes with what looks like a felt tip brush. I tried it on but I think it was a little too harsh for the sensitive skin on my eyes. Lovely lovely shade!

Shimmer bricks:
Now this is probably the nicest shade combination I have ever seen in a shimmer brick palette. They are just so wearable and gorgeous. You get a pinkish champagne colour, a pastel lilac shade, a warm rusty/rosy very hard to describe shade and a lovely deep, dirty smokey plum. I had to have this and I can see myself creating several different looks with this.

Illuminating primer:
Is supposed to go under your makeup to give you a lustrous summer glow. This is quite a versatile product, as it can also be used as a highlighter and I think it would make for a nice shimmer effect on the eyes. This product is super cute looking with it's little pink pearly beads suspended in a clear gel. This product is quite shimmery almost glittery and I could not see myeself using it as a primer for all over the face though.

 Shimmer pearls:
Probably some of the most adorable packaging from the collection. A clear jar full of shimmery pearls in pink, pale yellow and champagne colours. This comes with a fluffy pink puff. I would prefer to use a brush for more precise application. These are so pretty and gives such a nice glow. I was so soo close to buying it and I kinda wish I had.

 Mini lip glosses:
4 shades of sheer and shimmery gloss. It's the same formular as the lip treatment glosses, just new shades. They are meant to be sheer and add just a bit of colour. they are really glossy and a bit thick in texture wich makes them last quite well on the lips. They have a fruity tropical scent to them that I just love.
 A little display with the new makeup and some treats for the customers of the night. Mmmh champagne and mint chocolates...

The new stand with the Spa Fit toning products. I could not restist getting one of these babies either.

I have to say I am super excited about this new makeup collection, the packaging is unlike anything I have ever seen from Body Shop and the products are just in time for summer. I can't wait to give you my reviews of the products I bought. I should have gotten them all,but my credit card probably would not agree with me.

I would also like to thank The Body Shop in Glostrup for always being so welcoming and positive.




  1. these products are SO cute, i can't wait to try the highlighting pearls :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. Yeah those are really cute, they came with a cute little puff but I found it way easier to apply with a brush.


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