Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite high end neutral eyeshadows

I have rescently done a post on my favorite affordable neutral shadows, and thought I would give my high end neutrals some love as well.


 Smashbox Photo Op eyeshadows:
I love how finely milled the photo op eyeshadows are, I love the pigmentation and the quality is amazing. This was my most expensive makeup splurge ever, and it is SO worth it.


Too Faced, Naked eye palette:
Probably the most long wearing shadows I have ever tried. The colours are just right for me and the quality is incredible!

I don't own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but I have tried several neutral shadows from Urban decay and they do deserve a shaout out too. Lovely shadows from urban Decay!



  1. Love the look of that Smash Box palette, though I'm put off by the sheer size of it. All the shadows look very wearable and not too shimmery.

    1. I love the smashbox mega palette it folds up nicely so it is no bigger than a book. But I don't have a makeup station/ desk to do my makeup by so it can be a little difficult to handle the palette with one hand when applying makeup. There is a great selection of mattes as well as satins and only a few "glittery" shades, with very finely milled sparkles. And almost all the shades are wearable for me, still can't figure out how to get blue shadow to work for me though :)

    2. Ahh, that's very neat that it folds up like a book - much more useful that the massive palettes that are impossible to travel with!

      The mint green and the greys look really wearable. I can't wear blue either - it makes me look like a zombie! :-)


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