Saturday, May 12, 2012

Going back to Sephora

Today I am going back to Sephora, I bought 2 of the Sephora Outrageous volume mascaras. One for me and one for my mom as a part of her gift for mothers day.

I started using mine right away and I really liked how it applied and the feel of the brush, everything was nice... BUT... It smudges and transfer like a nightmare.After less than an hour I will have dark smudges where the tips of my lashes hit my skin.

I can't give my mother a gift that I  would not like to recieve myself, so I am going back to Sephora and getting her something else. Too bad mine is already opened, as they don't return opened products in Denmark..
wearing the Sephora mascara.

Well MAC Denmark does return opened products. I bought the Pro longwear foundation not too long ago and it gave me a bad case of cystic acne so the lady at the MAC counter told me to return it and she would find me something better.

I am honestly not in the mood for shopping today, but hwo am I kidding, I will probably come home with a new haul. lol.


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