Thursday, May 31, 2012

I broke my product pan!!!

I am so sorry you guys... I did something really really bad, but it felt sooooo good.

I have just gotten home from The Body Shop VIP night. We got a sneak preview of the new Lilly Cole cruelty free makeup collection that will be in stores in about a month. We got to try it but more important, we got to buy it! And so I tried my best to be a good girl. But I just had to have some of these products.

I got a beautifying oil and a bar of soap as a gift with purchase. The lip balm was also a gift. 

The things I was forbidden from buying because of my ban is the Spa Fit toning concentrate and the new Lilly Cole makeup. I just could not help myself. I wanted to be one of the first to show you guys these fantastic products from the Lilly Cole series. 

I had an amazing time tonight at the VIP night and a post will be coming up shortly.

Now don't think that just because I broke my ban that I will stop this project pan... I won't and in fact to show my commitment I will erase 1 item from my list of used up products per item I bought  today that I was not allowed to buy. So that is 3 items more I need to use up.

The shampoo and conditioner is not included in the project as these are actually thing I need. The makeup remover is not for me, I bought it for a colleque so that does not count either.

Can't wait to show you the pictures from the VIP night.


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