Saturday, May 19, 2012

My freestyle/Z-palettes

wooh I love eyeshadow! And I hvae colected quite a lot of palettes and single shadows over time. Some palettes get a lot of love, because they contain just the eyeshadows I need to do a look, some palettes and single shadows have not been getting much love lately because I either forgot about them or the shade collection in the palette was not good enough for me to do a complete look.

So I have been depotting and putting a lot of single shadows, sleek palettes and wet n wild palettes into magnetic freestyle palettes.

I did the same with most of my blushes, I figured I would get a better overview of what I have and maybe reach for them a little more.

This is my Z-palette with blushes and highlighters, mostly ELF but also Too faced, The balm, Pixi and Hard Candy

This is my pinks, purples, blues and greens. I am not that into blues and greens but I am trying to get them to work for me. Mostly Wet n Wild but also, Urban decay, Sleek, NYX, Pixi, HOT makeup, The balm, ELF and a homemade one.

This is my version of the Naked palette. Contains mostly Sleek and Wet n Wild but also, Urban Decay, Rimmel, Too Faced, Pixi, Yves rocher and some homemade shadow.

This is the one I reach for the most. It's the colours I like the best out of them all. It's mostly Too Faced and Sleek but also Wet n Wild, HOT makeup, the balm, Dior, ELF and a homemade shadow.

The first palette is a Z-palette and the others I got from TKB trading before they got discontinued. I actually prefer the ones from TKB, they seem more robust and I feel like they will hold up longest.

I love playing around with these and rearranging them. I have one more TKB palette that I was planning on filling with Coastal Scents hot pots, that will be after my project pan.



  1. I was thinking about getting the palettes from TKB but was unsure about depotting my stuff. For instance, I don't want to depot my ELF blushes because its too powdery. I'm afraid it will get all over the place. Do you have the same issue?

    1. I did make a few mistakes but I managed to fix the broken blushes with a bit of alcohol and a paper towel. It's all about patience and practise. Start with some of your least favorites just to get the hang of it and just take your time so you don't end up ruining anything by rushing. :)


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