Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Sephora Eau de toilette Collection + mini review

So I got hooked on these little handy perfumes the first time I visited Sephora earlier this month and had to go back to get more before my project pan.

Price: DKK40 wich is about $6

Packaging: The packaging is really sleek, long glass vials with a spray pump and a black cap to go over the pump. Each shade has it's own coloured container. You get 7 ml of eau de toilette

There were a lot of other scents that I did not purchase, but may purchase later on. But here are the ones that I did purchase.

Blueberry: Is a nice fresh scent that reminds me of blueberry flavored hard candies. It's not really a favorite scent of mine, even though I really like blueberries. This is probably the scent I find myself wearing the least.

Peony: Is absolutely gorgeous, such a lovely floral scent. very true to it's name and this scent gets a lot of love. My mother also really likes this scent.

Strawberry: When first applied it does smell like sweet strawberries but the scent changes on my skin, and turns into something else, like candy strawberries and burnt sugar with a hint of vanilla. It sounds strange but I actually really like it.

orange blossom: Another lovely floral scent that is true to it's name. For some reason I feel that it lacks something, like there is a note missing. But it still smells wonderfull I just keep expecting it to smell different.

Vanilla: It does smell a bit like vanilla, but not the real fresh kind of vanilla bean scent. More like a vanilla caramel scent. It is yummy though.

Monoi: This is my absolute favorite scent, floral yet sweet. Lovely hibiscus fragrance that reminds me of my childhood summers. My mom had an aftersun lotion that she always made me use in the summer as a child, and it smelled just like this. I wish I could get a biig bottle of this stuff, not the lotion but the fragrance lol. We actually still use the lotion so it would go perfect with that.

I like that there is a wide collection of sweet, floral, fruity and candy scents. I find that all these fragrances wear well throughout the day and I can still smell them after a whole day of wearing them.

I do think that they are a little pricey, considering you only get 7 ml. wich means I will be repurchasing that Monoi fragrance over and over again. I wish they came in bigger bottles.

However these are great for keeping in you purse or if you want to travel light. I have my eyes on a few more and I will probably end up owning them all.



  1. You can find monoi perfume and body shower at yves rocher. :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. :) I know, got both and the body oil to match :) obsessed with the scent.


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