Saturday, May 12, 2012

Project 30 pan!!!

Oh wow I can't believe I am finally going to go through with this... I have been a little out of control lately with my makeup purchases, so I have been planning to do a giant project 30 pan.

So today I did my last makeup shoppin for a loong time. I really don't need any more makeup or skincare products. So I don't think I would run out of anything too important while doin this project pan.

The rules are simple:

No makeup purchases
No skin care purchases
No nail polish purchases
No perfume purchases

Not untill I have used up 30 products. The 30 products can be anything from makeup, skin care, lotions, hair products, treatments, perfumes, nail polishes and such.

I will allow myself to repurchase cleansing wipes for makeup removal, hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and such.

I will not turn down any gifts my friends or family might give me. And I will still be accepting products for reviews.

I am just not allowed to spend any money on makeup.

But don't worry, I have tonnes of products just waiting to be reviewed and I am planning on doing more makeup looks if you guys would like me to do that?

wish me luck, I need it.



  1. good luck, you're so brave! I defo don't have the willpower!

    1. Thanks hun, It's not going to be easy, but I will give it my best :)

  2. Good luck! You'll be able to rediscover a lot of forgotten products :)

    1. Thanks, yeah that's what I am hoping :)


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