Friday, May 18, 2012

Project pan 1st product used up

I used up my first product while being on project 30 pan today.

It's the Matas pommegranate hand lotion. I have been using this several time daily.

I don't think I will be repurchasing this hand lotion, it's just a little too watery for my liking. I prefer a more balmy type of creme as they tend to moisturize my hands better.

This was not a bad product per say, it just did not give me the moisture I needed, that's probably why I used it up quite fast.

1 down 29 to go.



  1. I love Matas, here in the uk we don't have shops quite like it, they're either much bigger or tiny and have nothing in them. Matas always have such a large range of products in a small space!

  2. I really like Matas a lot too, although the new Sephora in Copenhagen is my number one right now.. Perhaps because it's new to me lol.


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