Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project pan update!

Wow this is going faster than I expected it to. I hope 30 products will be enough or I will just hav to add to the numbers.

I used up my daily moisturizer that I have been using for a good while now. I did like it, it did it's job but it was nothing special, I am unsure if I will repurchase it.

I also used up my Pore perfecting serum from The Body Shop. I really liked this one and I am sure I will repurchase it after the 30 pan is over.

I have almost used up one of my revlon lip butters, an eye cream, my nutriganics drops of youth and some body butter. So I have a feeling there will be a new update very soon.

that's 3 down 27 to go.



  1. I think I should do this project pan soon. I buy so much stuff that just ends up in the back of my dresser forgotten about.

  2. I'm also doing a project pan type of goal, but instead of settling on a certain number of items, I just refuse to buy anything new (with a few restrictions) I have around 15 products in my bag and will replace a used up item with something I have from my stash. I got this idea from you a while ago, but it was only until now that I am actually going through with it. Keep us updated!


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