Monday, May 28, 2012

Project pan update

Woah it's going pretty fast right now with using up products. I am not expecting it to keep being this easy I think it's going faster in the beginning, but when I start replacing the used up products with completely new products it will get harder to use it up. If it turns out to be too easy I will just have to add more products to the project.

The Body Shop sweet lemon body butter 50ml tub:

I actually really liked how well this moisturized my skin. Even my elbows and knees felt so soft and my skin stayed hydrated for 24 hours wich is great. However I do not like the lemon scent. It's not a bad scent but I don't like to smell like lemons all day. And it did not go well with my perfumes.

Revlon lip butter, sugar frosting.

I love this lippie, I actually was not too happy with using this one up so fast. I used a lip brush to get the last bit of product out of it. There was actually a lot of product sitting in the bottom of the tube that I could not get to without a lip brush. I would certainly repurchase.

The body shop rainforest radiance shampoo and conditioner. (travel size) 

I used up the shampoo way too fast because I had a hard time getting it to lather. I would have to wash and rinse one time and then wash it again to get it to lather and get it to properly clean my hair.
I was not too crazy about the conditioner either, I felt it made my hair a little heavy and weighed it down a bit. I would not repurchase these.

8 down 22 to go.



  1. Have you tried the Body shops Mango and/or Cocoa body butters? They are amazing. The Cocoa one is good if you like to wear other scents as it hasn't got a very strong scent at all :) x

    1. I have not tried the mango body butter but I have tried several of the "nutty" butters and I really really love them. I feel like The Body Shop body butters are some of the best body butters out there :) thanks for the tip about the cocoa butter :)

  2. I am currently using the lemon body butter and love it, though it makes me crave lemon cheesecake. I am loving watching how your project pan is going. I recently started on one and find seeing how well you and other blogger are doing keeps me on track. I have yet to finish a project but I am very close with a few so will probably have a flurry of empties in the next few days :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. I should get around to making the last project pan post. I finished my last products over a week ago lol.


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