Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunplay Skin Aqua acne clear milk SPF 50

Phew that is one heck of a name huh? I bought this on Ebay because I needed some effective protection from the sun. I have tried Sunplay SPF 130 before and really liked it, but I wanted something for my face specifficly.

Price: I paid about 10$ for it on Ebay.

Packaging: Quite simple looking, and smaller than I thought. I like the little nozzle on top, it makes it so much easier to only squeeze a bit out. You get 25 grams but a tiny bit really goes a long way.

this is a very moisturizing milky liquid that goes on clear, unlike most sun screens with high SPF, that will leave a white cast on my fast.

I use this instead of my regular daycream as this gives me plenty of hydration.

I am very pleased with this sun screen, it allows me to stay out in the sun just as long as any "normal" person ( I get red within an hour normally) but with this I can stay out for at least 5-6 hours with no prolems. It has not broken me out either wich is awesome. And it feels really light wheight on my skin.

I would certainly recommend this if you are looking for extra sun protection, and hopefully I will be able to slowly but gradually get a bit of colour this summer, without sporting the "lobster look".

I will certainly repurchase next year! I think there is enough product in this little bottle to last me the whole summer.


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