Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sunplay Super block SPF 130

I had a small sample bottle of this that I used last year, and decided to go for the full size this summer. I bought this on Ebay along with the Sunplay acne clear SPF 50.

Price: I paid about 10$ for it on Ebay.

Packaging: Reminds me of a kids sun block, I do think it looks quite cute and summery. the bottle is smaller than I thought. I like the little nozzle on top, it makes it so much easier to only squeeze a bit out. You get 35 grams but a tiny bit really goes a long way.

I love this sunblock, it's a liquid milky type of lotion that goes on clear and you can't even tell that you are wearing it. It does not leave you with a white cast and you can't feel it on the skin, so it does not interfere with anything else you might be wearing.

Last year I used this on my face and it worked really well, this year I will be using it mostly on my body, because I got the Sunplay SPF 50 for my face isntead.

As with the Sunplay acne clear SPF 50, I do still get tan when using this, it just takes longer and I don't get as many sun spots and I don't get red.
I am very pleased with this sun screen, it allows me to stay out in the sun almost all day.

I certainly recommend this to anyone who has the same problems as me with staying out in the sun. I get red almost instantly and SPF 15 only gives me a maximum of 1 hour in the sun before I get red.

This is the second time I purchase this product, and I am sure I will be back for more next year.


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