Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Garnier BB Cream review

I bought this a while back, the shade is 02 light.

At first I liked this, my skin was not that oily at the time because of the wether being colder. My only problem was the shade was too dark. I thought it would suit me better as a summer BB. But I did not think about how oily my skin get's in the summer. 

Price: DKK 90,- or wich is about  $ 15,- It is pretty much available everywhere in Denmark

Packaging: 50ml beige squeeze tube. Quite standart in my opinion, I have nothing bad to say about but I don't findt it too exciting either.

Scent: Fresh clean scent, like one you would find in a skincare product.


  • SPF 15
  • softens lines
  • 24 hour hydration
SPF: This does offer SPF 15 wich may be enough for some, but for my sensitive pale skin I would still need additional protection with this BB cream.

Softens lines: Now here is where I actually find it to be somewhat good. Compared to many other foundations, this will not make the appearance of fine lines more obvious. Some foundations can make mature skin look even older, but I find this to be great for mature skin. My mother has never liked foundation because of this, but she uses this BB cream and it does not make her lines stand out, and because of the hydration it does help minimize the appearance of some fine lines.

24 hour hydration: I don't think anyone should wear something like this for 24 hours, but yeah it definately is moisturizing, way too moisturizing for someone like me with oily skin. The BB works really great for mature skin that needs the extra moisture, but I would not use this unless I had really dry skin.

Colour and application: The shade 02 Light is quite dark for my NC 15 skin. It is easy to apply and it goes on quite sheer, I am tempted to slap on a bunch of this stuff just to get a bit of coverage, but it would only turn me into even more of a grease ball. It does seem to even out the skintone a little and 
I think this had been marketed all wrong. I feel like this is more of a tinted moisturizer than an actual BB cream. It's way too sheer compared to Asian BB creams and it is also totally dewey to the point of greasynesss. This is marketed for young people up  to like 30-35 years, wich I find odd seing how well it works on my mothers mature skin and how bad it is for my oily skin. 

I would not repurchase this and I only recommend this to someone of they want moisture, the sheerest possible cover and not much more. If you have dry skin that doesn't need a lot of coverage then this may be good for you. But if you have normal to oily skin or if you are looking for coverage then I would not recommend this.



  1. Totally agree, my own experience is almost the same and the tube is definitely going to my mum :)
    What would you suggest that would be lighter?

    1. I would suggest Dr. Jart black label BB cream. It is the best I have tried


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