Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to find a BB cream to fit your skintone

Phew I guess I am just one of those lucky ones that seems to be able to colour match every single BB cream I buy. This is probably mostly because the asian BB creams tend to be quite pale and I am quite pale. I am about NC15 but a little more red and pale in the winter than NC15.

BB creams tend to only come in 1-2 shades depending on the brand, I normally go for the lightest shade but if you are NC 20-25 you could try the darker shades.

Here is what I would suggest you guys try if you are looking for a BB cream but unsure of the colour match.
  • Get samples from Ebay, one sample is enough for your whole face and they are dirt cheap!
  • try a BB with flexi tone technology, meaning one that adapts to most skin tones like DR. Brandt or The Body Shop BB cream that will be released late august.

If you find your skin too dark for BB cream but still want to use a BB cream for it's oil control, anti age properties or whatever the BB promises, you can mix it with a foundation slightly darker than your skin to create your own true match. I would go for a liquid mineral foundation or something beneficial for your skin or else it would kinda defeat the purpose of the BB cream. 

If you are lucky enough to have a store near you that sell BB creams then ask for a sample. Most stores will gladly give samples for you to try. Be insisting and bring your own little sample jar so they have no excuse for not giving you a sample.

So I guess the key to a good match is sampling sampling and sampling... Fortunately Ebay is loaded with lesss than $1 samples of almost every popular asian BB cream imaginable. So get browsing and get gorgeous my lovelies!


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