Monday, June 18, 2012

Recent rediscovery ELF golden bronzer

This bronzer was a favorite of mine last summer. But somehow I forgot about it when I started using matte bronzers. You can read my old review of it here. 

The reason why I fell back in love with this product is because it is so versatile.

1. I use the lightest shade for highlighting
2. I use all of the shades as eyeshadows
3. I mix the shades together and use it as body bronzer
4. I use the 2nd shade from the top as a blush
5. I use the shades mixed together for a bit of sunkissed glow on the face (very lightly applied)

Even though I used this a lot last year and will continue to use it, there is still soo much product left. Great versatile bang for your buck product.

I will be looking into the cool bronzer as I really like matte bronzers the best. But that will be after my project pan.


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