Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sephora Maniac long wearing lipstick review

I believe I picked this up on my first Sephora haul, and I have been using it quite a lot.

I bought the shade #06

Price: $12 or €10,90

Packaging: A sleek and slim lipstick tube. The quality of the packaging seems really nice and reminds me a bit of a slimmer version of the MAC sheen supreme lipsticks. It does not say how much product you get.

The shade is a lovely peachy pink with golden shimmer, I love these kind of colours so the shade is just right for me. Some may find the shimmer a little too much, but there are also matte colours available in the maniac line.

The lipstick has a sweet sugary and slightly fruity scent to it wich I personally like. I don't think it is too overpowering once it is applied, but it may be something to consider.

This formular is ment to be long wearing and therefore a little on the dry side but it does not dry out my lips at all it just won't apply well if you have dry or patchy lips. So I would suggest a good scrub or some lip balm to prepare the lips.

The staying power of this lippie is quite good, it lasts longer than regular lipsticks, ofcourse it depends on what you eat or drink but I can easily have aglass of water or two without having to reapply.

I really like this lipstick, mostly because of the amazing colour, I certainly will be trying out more of the shades.


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