Saturday, June 2, 2012

Skin79 Orange super+ BB Cream

I have tried skin79 BB creams before and thought it was about time to try some more, so I got 10 sample baggies (about 1½ application in each bag) So I could put it to the test. 

Price: Full size retails on Ebay for about $15. Be careful of fakes though. Do your research before buying BB creams from Ebay.

Packaging: I just got 10 sample baggies but the full size product comes in a lovely orange pump dispenser and contains about 40 grams of product (not sure why they list grams and not ml, but oh well) The full size packaging looks really summery and quite young and fresh.

Scent: I am not crazy about the scent of this BB. It smells kinda floral and fresh but reminds me of a fragrance for men. So it's not that the smell is awfull just not very feminine and I don't really need scents in my face makeup.

  • SPF 50 UVA/UVB
  • 5 vitamin complex A C E and F
  • plant based eco ingredients
  • Matte finish
  • Oil control

SPF: I know that SPF 50 may seem a lot to some of you but I have had my skin "tested" at dermatologist and turns out I actually need SPF 50 or higher. So this is great for people who burn easily in the sun. I do tend to apply a bit of sun protection under it, just in case it melts of during the day.

Vitamins: I do like that it contains Vitamin ACE and F and no it's not a typo, it says in the ads that it contains 5 vitamins but they only listed 4 so I guess the last vitamin must be a mysterious one. I have not used this long enough to actually see if this will make a difference in my skins all over appearance.

Oil Control: It promises a matte finish but on my oily skin it does not quite live up to it. I get a satin finish at the most. It does not look oily when first applied but after 4 hours I will be super oily around my nose even when set with a powder. Actually I find this BB cream makes me more oily and faster than my normal foundations. At first it seemed to minimize my pores nicely but later on in the afternoon my pores were huge! not a good look.

Colour and application: The colour of this BB cream matches my skintone (NC15) perfectly, it does go on a little grey but it blends to match my skin quite well. I apply the BB cream with my fingers, and I find it very easy to blend. It gives me a great medium coverage that is totally buildable. Just don't go overboard with it, just a little too much and it will look bad.

This BB cream does transfer a bit and staying power is good but not great. If I did not get so oily I do think it would stay on quite well throughout the day. But with all the blotting I need to do, the BB does wear off in certain areas of my face. 

Overall I actually quite like the finish and the look of it when first applied. I am not impressed with the claims of oil control, not at all. And even though this product is supposed to be for oily skin I would say it's better for normal/dry skin. And yes I have tried wearing it with and without a primer and without day cream.I think it would be better for me in the winter time, even though SPF 50 may be a little crazy for winter lol.

I would not repurchase, simply because there are other BB creams that suits my needs better than this.



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