Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Skinnfood Peach Sake pore BB cream review

I got this from Ebay, at the same time as all my other BB creams. I wanted to try a BB  cream that I felt had been raved about quite a lot a while back. I decided on this one as I felt it would better suit my needs.

Price: retails on Ebay for about $8,99. Be careful of fakes though. Do your research before buying BB creams from Ebay.

Packaging: Quite different from your regular sqeeze tube BB cream. This comes with a pump, wich is very hygenic and easy to use. It's quite easy getting just the amount of product you need. However I am curious to see how the pump will work once I have used up some more of this. I can see it does create a bit of a vacuum inside the tube the more product you pump out. You get 30ml of product.

Scent: Really lovely scent. Smells sweet and freash and peachy all at the same time. I normally do not want my face products to have too much of a scent, but this is such a pleasant scent.

  • SPF 20
  • pore minimizing
  • mattifying
  • Oil control
  • long lasting
SPF: I am very light and I actually need a higher SPF than 20 for my skin not to get burned. So I still do need to apply some sort of SPF before applying this.

Pore minimizing: Maybe just a little.. Nothing too dramatic but it did cover them slightly making them less noticeable. But I have not seen any long term results or anything like that yet. 

Mattifying: It's not completely matte once applied, I do need a little bit of powder over it to set it and make it just a little more matte, but I have extremely oily skin so that may not be the case for some with just a bit of oiliness. Once set with a powder it did have a nice natural matte finish.

Oil Control: I do feel like this BB cream helps control my oil during the day, I do still get a tiny bit oily around the nose but for the most parts my skin stays nice and normal, not greasy but not dried out either.

Long lasting: It actually does have quite a good wear time. Probably because it stays matte and does not glide off my face. I would say it's above average but not one of those super long 16-24 hour foundation types. But quite a good while for a lightweight foundation.

Colour and application: The colour (shade 01) is a little darker than what I am used to from an asian BB cream. It actually looks quite peachy when swatches. But it blends quite well and somehow manages to adapt to my skin tone, so it does not look dark once applied on my face.

It's a little sheer compared to some other asian BB cream I have tried, however it does a nice job at evening out the skin tone and does cover redness a bit. It is very easy to apply, I just use my fingers and it works really well like that. Just be carefull not to get it in your brows and be carefull if you have dry patches on your face. I feel it tends to cling a little too much to the dry patches. However, if you exfoliate regularly this BB should not cause you any grief.

This is a good BB cream, easy to use and does what it claims to do, so why is it only good and not completely amazing? well, I would have liked a little more coverage, and a higher SPF.
Overall I am pleased with this BB cream, I am not sure I would repurchase, as I find there are BB's out there that does the same but has more coverage. However I will have no problem using this as my everyday BB cream.

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