Saturday, June 2, 2012

Skin79 Pink super+ BB cream

I got 10 sample baggies (about 1½ application in each bag) off Ebay so I could put this BB to the test. 

Price: Full size retails on Ebay for about $15. Be careful of fakes though. Do your research before buying BB creams from Ebay.

Packaging: I just got 10 sample baggies but the full size product comes in a lovely hot pink pump dispenser and contains about 40 grams of product (not sure why they list grams and not ml, but oh well) The full size packaging looks really girly and quite elegant in a young fresh way.

Scent: The scent does not bother me, it's pleasant and not too overpowering. But I do prefer a minimum of scent to my face makeup.

  • SPF 25
  • Whitening
  • Antiwrikle care
  • Oil control
  • multi fuctional all in one product
SPF: I recently had my skin tested, turns out I need an SPF 50 for my pale skin. So this would actually not be enough for me. Although I think that SPF 25 is quite nice compared to so many products that has no SPF in them. 

Whitening: I have not tested the product long enough to see if it actually whitens, I have to admit I hope it doesn't. I would like to get a little tan this summer. It does seem to brighten the face and get rid of redness and I quite like that.

Anti wrinkle care:
I guess calling something anti wrinkle really helps to sell the product. I have no idea if this will improve any fine lines or anything like that, what I do know is that the sun protection will help you avoid premature aging caused by sun damages. So I am a little "bleh" about the anti wrinkle phrase that every product seems to use these days.

Oil Control: I would have to say that this is one of the only BB creams I have tried that actually keeps it's promise of oil control. Granted I did get a bit shiny around my nose around lunch time, but it's impossible for me not to get oily this time of year. My forehead, chin and cheeks did not get greasy at all. It did not make me look totally matte, but a natural radiant matte without any oily shine.
My pored stayed pretty much hidden througout the day. Some products tend to make my pores look ginormous as they wear off. This did not.

Multi fuctional all in one product:
I would have to say it's a pretty great all in one product. I did not need moisturizer or primer under it. I actually skipped the concealer as well. It offers sun protection, oil control and good for you ingredients. So I would say it lives up to it's claims of being a multi purpose product.

Colour and application: Great colour match for my NC15. It is not one of the most full coverage BB creams I have used but it can be built up quite nicely without looking cakey or fake. It manages to even out my redness and my undereye darkness without looking unnatural. It was quite easy to apply and blend with my fingers. The consistency is on the thicker side of BB creams, but I like that.

This is quite a nice BB cream, I love how it applies and I really am pleased with the oil control of this BB. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to apply makeup that will cover and even out without looking cakey and heavy. Good for normal to oily skin.

Overall I am very happy with this BB cream, I certainly would consider buying this again. Compared to other BB creams I think this performs about as well as the more high end BB's out there. Certainly worth $15.


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