Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Benefit some kinda gorgeous foundation review

I bought this at my second trip to Sephora. I was so excited to try out some more products from Benefit and I really like cream foundation so I thought this would be a great product to try out.

Price: around 250 DKK wich is about  USD 42, quite expensive for afoundation I think.

Packaging: I love the packaing. I white plastic compact that looks like an old record. You get 9,5 grams of product.

I have to admit that I am VERY confused and dissapointed in this product. It goes on super super sheer, and if you try to build it up the slightest you will end up with a super greasy wet looking face.

I thought oh well, maybe this will be good for dry skin, but no... it clings to any dry patches and makes my skin look flakey and dry and extemely oily at the same time... This is such a strange product.

I tried applying just the tiniest bit, wich left me with almost no coverage at all. Then I set it with a powder and it did dry up and lost it's oily feel but it just enhanced all the dry bits on my face, making it look even more dry.

I simply cannot get this foundation to work for me. It's just such a strange product. It won't work if you have oily skin and I even think it would be too greasy for normal skin. It will probably be better for dry skin BUT not if you have any dry patches. So I can't really see it working for a lot of people.

I cannot recommend this to anyone, if you want something sheer then go for a tinted moisturizer instead. If you want a cream compact then I would recommend The Body Shop Extra virgin minerals or MAC studio tech for more coverage.

If you have this product I would love to hear how you use it or if you like it or not.



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