Monday, July 23, 2012

ELF Beauty book Everyday eye review

I purchased this in my latest ELF haul when had 50% off. I have previously tried beauty books/encyclopedias similar to this from ELF, and wanted to see if my feelings towards their beauty books had changed or if the product has improved. As far as I can see ELF does no longer sell the beauty encyclopedias, they have been replaced my the beauty books.

Here you can see my review of the Everyday eyes encyclopedia
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Price: £6,00 or DKK 55,20

Packaging:Glittery silver/grey  palette designed to look like a little book. Contains 12 eyeshadows, 1 eyeliner pen and a dual ended sponge tip applicator. It comes with instructions inside and a protective plastic sheet to cover the eyeshadows. I really prefered the "old" matte black palettes over this glittery one. The glitter transfers and goes everywhere wich I find really annoying. The plastic sheet still annoys me as it did on the old palettes as well. The palette is made of cardboard and foam and feels quite light wheight. The palette has magnets in the lid to keep it shut, and they seem to work really well at keeping it closed, even in my purse.

My problem with the previous encyclopedias was the shadows were quite soft and powdery and almost all of them contained big chunky glitter. So I was pleasantly surprised when I swatched these shadows. The formular must have changed because these shadows are more compact, they feel almost creamy and they do not contain big chunks of glitter. YAY

I love the selection of finishes you get in this palette. You get 4 completely matte shades a few shimmery shades and some satin shades, no glitter! Another thing I love is that you get more than one highlight shade and a good variation of light to medium shades wich I am always requesting in palettes. There are just so many options in this palette for me.

I think the pigmentation of these shadows is quite good, The light shades are actually more pigmented than what you see on the picture above, they are just very close to my skintone wich makes them dissapear a bit on thepicture. There is one shadows however, with almost no pigmentation, the purple from the second row.

Because of the creamy or slightly waxy texture of these shadows, some of them can be a bit difficult to blend. It's not impossible but it may take a little more effort. To make it easier to blend I normally use another more powdery shadow from another palette to blend in to these and that seems to do the trick.

I love the changes ELF has made to these books, they have taken the glitter out of the shadows but unfotunately ELF took that glitter and put it on the packaging instead.. WHY? It does look pretty though.

This is certainly worth the 6£ and I would certainly recommend this palette, I not afraid to try more of these books now after these improvements.


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