Saturday, July 7, 2012

Milani Glimmer stripes review

I bought this from Cherryculture quite a while back but never really got around to reviewing it. So I thought it was about time to do a small review on this multi purpose product.

I bought the one called pink glimmer.

Price: $7,49

Packaging: A sturdy square golden plastic compact with one big pan og product in it. The pan is divided into 5 stripes of colour. It contains 12,8 grams of product.

This is supposed to be a multi purpose product, that you can use as blush/highlighter and eyeshadow and it really does work on both the eyes and the face. The powder is soft and blendable. The colours are pearly and pretty, though they are a bit on the sheer side.

I feel like I should have picked another colour combination as the colours in this one, really are quite similar to eachother. I picked this shade as I thought the other ones looked too dark for me to use on my cheeks.

I think the shades are a little too sheer for my liking and I wonder if the other glimmer stripes are as sheer.

All in all there is nothing wrong with this product, it's a gorgeous highlight/blush but I should have picked another colour combination I feel.

Staying power is so so... i mean, the product is quite sheer to begin with, I do feel like this lasts me just as long as any other highlight, so I wouls say statying power is average.

I do like the packaging and the quality of the product, so even though I would not repurchase this exact colour combination I still would like to try some of the other colours.


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