Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coastal Scents ultimate eye shadow palette

I have been using this every single day since my boyfriend gave it to me as a 2 year anniversary gift, so I think I am ready to give a decent review of these shadows.

Price: $ 39,95 but is some times on sale for $29,95 here on top of that there is the pricy shipping.

Packaging:  A nice matte black plastic case the size of a medium szed book ( a little bigger than a dvd and double as thick as a dvd) The palette itself cosists of 3 layers of eyeshadow palettes. They each come with a protective plastic sheet on to of them wich I keep on just to be safe. To take each layer out of the case I use the little pink ribbons in the right side. I think it's quite a great way to fit soo many eyeshadows into such a "small" palette.

The eyeshadows are a little smaller than the regular 88 color palette shadows, if you are familiar with them. I only have one negative thing to say about the packaging, it can be a little troublesome trying to juggle the 3 trays at once if you want to do an eye look with colours from all 3 trays. Wich normally means that I only use one tray per look wich limits my creativity a bit. But it's not really a huge problem. When I'm not in a hurry i gladly take the time to use colours from all 3 trays.

 Variety: I am absolutely in love with this palette. I have never owned red and orange shadows before! there are so many awesome colours ranging from pastels, neutrals, bright neons, duo chromes and more. You also get a nice variety of finishes, mattes, satins, shimmers, metallics and only a few glittery shades. You can be almost certain that the colour of your liking will be found in several different finishes wich is really great for me because it gives me so many looks to choose from.

Quality/staying power: I am really impressed with the staying power! the brights stay bright all day and the colours don't crease and there is only slight fading throughout the day. I do use a good primer with them as nothing will stay on my lid without a primer, I have tried and no matter the quality it will crease on me within hours.

Some shades, especially some of the mattes can be a bit chalky when swatched but nothing you will notice when it's applied and blended. I feel like I get very nice colour payoff from almost every shadow. Out of the 252 colours there are only about 3-4 shadows that are not so great.

Some of the shadows are quite soft so I need to be carefull when dipping my a q-tip or a finger into them or they will cruble, but with a brush and a light hand it will be fine. Although this makes the palette a little hard to travel with. In fact I would not reccomend traveling with it after it has been taken out of all the safety wrapping.

I am absolutely in love with this palette and I can see myself using this  A LOT. If I do run out of a shadow there is no need to worry, Coastal Scents have full size hot pots to match almost every shade in this palette and it's easy to find the one you need by using their guide on their website.

I think this is an amazing deal and I really adore this palettes. even though I did have a few negative things to say about this palette, I feel that the positive things outshine the negative things for sure.

The biggest con of this palette is...... Now I have no excuses left for buying more eyeshadow. Every colour I could possibly need is in this palette except for maybe a few champagne shades or skin tone shades but we all probably have those already.

There will be swatches coming up soon.




  1. lovely palette..check out my blog and dont forget to check my international give away..

  2. An awesome palette :):) nice review :)
    And I have checked your pics.. awesome Red hair :D
    I want to have red hair highlights :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I am naturally blonde but I like to change it up every now and then :) Welcome to the blog:)

  3. Hi doll! Do these eyeshadow a irritate your ski /eyes? I have very sensitive skin so am debating on whether to get these or not? xo

    1. Hey there. Personally for me they do not irritate my skin or my eyes. I have sensitive eyes but my skin around the eyes is not that sensitive. I cannot say if they would irritate your eyes or not. I would recommend you buy one of the single "hot pots" first to see if it will irritate your eyes before getting the full palette.


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