Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little mouse ears blush review

I was sent 3 blush samples to try out for you guys. But along my swatch O rama I lost one of the blushes. So I have been postponing this review to a point where it no longer was fair. So I have no pictures of one of the blushes but I will do my best to describe it anyways.

The blushes can be found on Little mouse ears webshop for only €4,50.

Dr. Gonzo: A pale lilac blush with some very fine silver shimmer. Now I am quite pale and the lilac colour does not show up on my skin neither does it make me look purple or more pale than I am. But I actually really like the shimmering effect it leaves on the skin. It's appears to be a matte blush with shimmers added wich actually looks really great on the skin. It will not leave your skin shiny but with just the right amount of sparkle for a night out.

Sebastien: My favorite blush out of the 3. It's coral leaning on orange with just the slightest bit of shimmer to it. The shimmer is not too noticable, it just gives your cheeks that subtle glow. I did not think I could pull this colour off but it turns out it may be just the perfect shade for me.

 Left: Kota bear Right. Sebastien

Kota bear: Pretty pink blush with a violet shift to it. This will give you that rosy glowy cheek, where you don't really need to highlight afterwards. Back when I was blonde I used to own a blush just like this and it just really brightened up my face. You may think that this is not a wearable blush because of the violet shift, but it actually is super wearable.

I am really impressed with these blushes! I don't know if they just work really well with my skin type or what it is about them but I have never had a blush that stayed on this long. My blushes normally fade within the first 5 hours of wear. But these were still visible after a whole day of work.

These are quite pigmented so you have to apply them with a light hand. They blend really well as well.
Wearing Sebastien blush. Eyeshadows from little mouse ears as well

I really recommend you try these blushes out especially Sebastien if you like orange/coral blushes. I have my eyes on the blush called "just a little" wich is described as a pale coral blush with golden shimmer.


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  1. Love the orange one! For some reason I do not like pinky blushes on me at all! I perfer orange-, peach- and coral tones or a very natural blush of some sort =)


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