Monday, August 27, 2012

Mini haul from my weekend cruise

I bought a few bits while taking a stroll in Kiel, Germany. I finally got to pick up a few products that I can't get in Denmark and I can't find online.

There is a few products from Essence cosmetics, some products from a brand called RL and then a lot of Lush samples, I also bought a fresh face mask called "cupcake" wich I kept in the minibar lol.

The last thing I got was a luxurious dead sea salt scrub and body butter, the body butter alone retails for €119,71 I got both products for €65 STEAL, although it's still way more than I would normally spend on something like that. But I got to try it out before I purchased it and I fell in love.

reviews will be coming during the next few weeks.


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