Monday, August 6, 2012

The Body shop Lilly Cole shimmer cubes review

I have had these for a while and I have been using them quite a lot so this review is long over due.

These shimmer cubes are part of the limited edition Lilly Cole collection.

Price: DKK 185 or USD 22

Packaging: Identical to the original shimmer cubes. A clear plastic square with 4 little plastic squares containing the actual shimmer cubes. The little squares have little lids on them but I took them off almost immediately as I got tired of taking them on and off all the time.

I simply adore these colours. You get a light pink champagne colour, a pale lilac, a warm rusty colour and a dark plum shade. I really like the colour selection, it "only" contains four shades but I feel like you get a lot of options with them.

 As all the TBS shimmer cubes, these can be applied wet or dry. I do feel that they give off enough pigmentation without being applied wet but if you wanted to use the dark plum as a liner it definately is worth applying it wet.

These last all day on me with or without primer.

I like how they can be sheered out or be quite intense depending on how much you apply and blend.
They are really blendable and easy to work with.

So this is a definate must have if you like me are into purples.

If I had to say anything negative about them, it would be that the packaging really isn't all that travel friendly.

Have you tried these? What do you think of TBS shimmer cubes in general?



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