Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dr. Jart Silver Label BB cream

This is the "sister" to my beloved Dr. Jart Black label BB cream.

Seing how I love the Black label BB cream I thought I would give the Silver label a try. This is supposed to be for oily skin where the black label is for dry skin. 

Price: Can be purchased for around $25-30 on ebay, it runs more expensive on asian beuty stores selling specifically to europe and the US.

Packaging: 50ml slivery squeeze tube with grey/black writing. Nothing special about it but nice quality.

Scent: It does not have much of a scent, I would say it smells like you would expect  foundation to smell.

  • SPF 35
  • whitening
  • Anti ageing
  • Oil control
  • relief for sensitive skin

SPF: This offers SPF 35 wich is better than the spf 25 the black label offers and almost enough for my plae sensitive skin. I could have wished for a bit more spf but this should be enough for most skin types. 

Whitening: As with the black label this has not made my skin go any lighter with time, wich is fine with me as I don't really want that.

Anti ageing: (same as the black label) I feel like everything claims to be anti ageing these days. I don't think it will prevent wrinkles in any larger extend than another spf 25 product would. The spf and the moisture is a good thing for preventing premature ageing but there are so many other factor like smoking and drinking that plays a role as well. However this does seem to make your skin look nice and smooth when applied and it does not settle into lines on my face. 
Oil control: I actually feel like the black label BB cream for dry skin does a better job at controlling oils than this one. This silver label has higher spf wich I often feel equals more moisture in a product. So this does not control oil well enough for me.

Relief for sensitive skin: I have sensitive skin, and I do see an improvement in redness over time when using this product. It does not irritate my skin and it does not cause me to break out. So I guess there is some truth to that claim.
Colour and application: As far as I know it only comes in one shade. When you fist queeze it out of the tube it appears to be a yellowish grey. It's slightly darker than the Black label and I feel it would fit NC/NW 20 well (I'm NC15) It does not leave agrey cast and I can easily blend it to match my skintone. I have been using it this summer as I have gotten a slight tan.

This is a great product and the quality is lovely, coverage is good and it feels nice on the skin, I am still more fond of the black label as it suits my needs better, but if you don't need oil control and you are not as pale as me, then this would be the one to try.
As with the black label, it gives amazing coverage without being that noyicible on the skin. It just blends out so well.

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