Thursday, September 27, 2012

One last try before it's goodbye: the verdict

I have now been using the Benefit Some Kind-a gorgeous foundation, every single day for a week. it has been tried and tested, blended and blottet but my opinion stays the same.

This foundation feels so oily on my skin yet manages to really grab to every dry area on my face and actually makes my skin appear to have dry flakes in places where I normally have none. At the same time it makes me super oily and feel greasy on the skin.

I tried applying a matte primer underneath wich did help with the oliyness but made the dry patches worse.

I tried using sponges, brushes and fingers, it still looked the same.

I'm really sad that this did not work out for me at all, I wish it would be just somewhat average so that I could use it up instead of throwing it in the trash but I seriously cannot use this. It's been a bad week of ugly looking skin and I am NOT going to get asny more use out of it.

On the positive note, it did not break me out....


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