Sunday, September 30, 2012

September favorites

October is approaching (tomorrow yay). October is by far my favorite month of the entire year. My birthday is october 7th and I love halloween and fall.

I actually don't really have any new favorites this month. I have mentioned the 252 palette so much that you guys are probably sick of hearing about it.

One product that I have kinda rediscovered this month though is my Miss Dior perfume.

It's such a lovely scent that makes me feel happy and energized. It's perfect for the colder months as I tend to go for heavier and stronger scents in the winter. I normally go for fruity sweet scents for summer.

I have a big birthday haul coming up, although I don't know when all my items will be arriving so I may have to do seperate posts on some of the things.

Hope you all have had a nice sunday.



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