Thursday, October 4, 2012

BIG Birthday giveaway!

October 7th is my birthday, I will be turning 26 so I thought I wanted to celebrate it with my lovely followers. HOT Makeup, a Danish brand gave me these lovely items to give away to 5 lucky winners. Thats right FIVE winners! yay!

Now here is the rules.
  • "like" HOT Makeup's facebook page here
  • Go to their website here and have a browse.
  • Leave a comment below telling me wich product from their website would be perfect for fall/winter.
  • and ofcourse you have to be a follower of my blog.

So here are the lovely goodiebags you guys can win:

 Goodiebag 1

 Goodiebag 2

 Goodiebag 3

 Goodiebag 4

Goodiebag 5

 I will be announcing the 5 winners November 1st. I am  so excited. This is open internationally!



  1. Replies
    1. Remember to like and visit their website and comment below with the product you think would be cool this season :) then you could win one of the goodie bags. And Happy 26th birthday on sunday :)

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Where I live, Autumn/Winter aren't until next year and it's Spring at the moment. I don't know what my favourite item for Autumn/Winter would be, but after looking at their website, my favourite Spring item would have to be nailpolish as I love how it's a way to introduce colour back into what I wear after the cold winter which is when I wear more neutrals and dark colours.

  3. Advance bday wishes to u my dear..Thanks for hosting such a wonderful give away..i browzed thier's really good.i like thier cream eye shadows..i think they r perfect for autumn....

  4. Have liked their page on Facebook. My Facebook name : Himshikha Arya
    Following your blog both through GFC and e-mail. GFC name : Lambu, e-mail id:
    Well coming to the product on their website which would be a rage this fall/winter, I think it has to be nail paint in deep coral shade shown in the following link:
    This is because Coral is so totally IN this fall and is also the prefect color to add some punk to the weather! I personally love coral shades, hence the bias :P
    And lastly wish you a very happy advanced B'day and a brilliant year ahead :) Its a lovely giveaway <3

  5. Hii!! Happy Birthday in Advance!!
    Absolutely Loved your blog! Browsed HOTMakeupOnline shop's website!! I loved their Multi Eyeliner Mascara.. This is something which is not found here in India.. For me it would be perfect for winters!!
    Do join my blog too if you like it ..

  6. Advance happy birthday ! lovely giveaway i am new in this blogging world so just learnin g about makeup...and found your blog is great for me :)
    I entered in your giveaway .
    ike" HOT Makeup's facebook page via name Toa Modak.
    Gone their website and browse there...loved it..thanks for the info of this site.
    for autumn i think cream eyeshadow 06 is perfect one.
    I am following your blog via name Samannita Modak

  7. Advance happy Birthday :) Thank you for the lovely giveaway :)

    The website was visited by me and I loved their collection. HOTmakeup Eyelashes – Night Queen Lashes is the product that would be awesome for winters lol :))))))

  8. Happy birthday.

    I think the Nailpolish 77 – Coffie would be perfect for fall.

  9. l 'm so happy to see all these lovely comments. Thanks yall .

  10. Hi! Thank you for organizing this great giveaway, letting me know about it, and an early Happy Birthday!
    I browsed their site, saw all the lovely products, and I think HOT Nailpolish No. 55 - Hot stone is perfect for fall.
    FB: irina istrate
    GFC: irina

  11. The nail polish color wooden army looks perfect for fall/winter. This is a great giveaway! Liked on facebook (Abby Mode) Following via GFC (Abby)

  12. It looks very Christmasy to me- Oasis love it!

  13. Hiya,
    I "like" HOT Makeup's facebook page - Wendy Stanbury
    Go to their website here and have a browse - done!
    which product from their website would be perfect for fall/winter - HOT Nailpolish Limited Edition - Diva Gold
    follower of my blog - GFC jazzqueen64

  14. liked their page on fb- cecilia karlsson
    I think their cream eyeshadow in no2 is wonderfully autumny, all dark and mysterious looking :)

  15. Happy birthday!! I'm already 26 and let me tell you it's the best age!!
    I liked HOT's facebook page (name: Alice Beerland) and I loved the HOT nailpolish No.56 My Mouse, it's great for fall. I follow your blog via email (!

  16. Happy birthday :)
    Liked FB: Linda Vu
    This color would look good for fall since military is trending right now.

  17. FB fan - Kasia Gocka
    GFC follower - Katarzyna

    HOTmakeup Big Volume Lash Mascara - 100% BLACK is perfect for fall/winter!


  18. Fuschia Jungle Fever Polish! Awesome color!

  19. Perfect Fall Color: Nailpolish 74 – Bitter Sweet!
    & Happy Birthday!

  20. GFC: Lunalula
    FB: Lucia Sarni
    Fav winter nail polish Blue Moon, I think it's the perfect blue for winter

  21. I like their facebook page, I would love to have HOT Nailpolish Limited Edition - Diva Gold and think it would be perfect for fall. I am following you via email. My email address is

  22. Happy birthday! I absolutely LOVE the hot purple #79 polish. That would be my go to fall color no doubt!

  23. FB fan - Катя Нанчева
    GFC follower - kati_kz
    Fuschia Jungle Fever Polish is awesome color!

  24. GFC follower: Ingrid Miranda
    Email: ingrid dot miranda at gmail dot com
    Liked HOT makeup FG page: Ingrid Miranda
    HOT Nailpolish Limited Edition - Diva Gold is perfect for fall and winter!!!
    Thank you for the giveaway and congratulations!!!

  25. Happy Birthday - I love Nailpolish 84 – Frost Paliette and i think it would be just amazing for fall.

  26. Congrats with your international blog!!! WAUW :)

    For my pale skin, this would be good :

    For the fashionable colors i love this one :

    I am following you and im a fan at FB :)

    Fingers crossed XXX


  27. Happy B-day :) I hope to win the Goodiebag 2 - wonderful blue to nails and a perfect mascara.
    My mail is

  28. The Fushia Jungle Fever looks perfect for fall.
    Following your blog via GFC. :)

  29. Tllykke,Jeg kan godt lide HOT makeups hjemmeside,har mange gode produkter,mørke farver til vinter er et must, synes om denne

  30. I'm already a fan of Hot makeup. Love their products. I think this is what I would use for fall and winter:

    Best regards

    Gitte Frigaard

  31. thank you for this giveaway and happy birthday.
    my fav product from Hot makeup website is HOTmakeup Shadowbox
    I follow you from Italy
    GFC simonagiveaway
    FB Simona Giveaway

  32. Congrats!! Looooove thins one

    Take care.

    Love Maria Seidelin (

  33. Happy Birthday :-)
    I love this:
    Perfect for a night out and my eyes will shine like stars :-)
    I'm already a fan.

  34. hot makeup shadowbox
    gold eyeliner

    Helle Sjøgren :

    1. Hej Helle. Skal lige høre om du er follower af min blog, da du har kommenteret som anonym?

  35. Following GFC Tragedy6996
    Facebook Christina Schmidt
    I Adore the glitter shadow #4

  36. WAUWWWWWWWWWWW ♥ ♥ Sharing with great joy to all and hope luck is with me so I win ♥ ♥
    I want no 1 is so delicious. sorry forgot to write CONGRATULATIONS
    is completely gone in all your delicious gains
    Jane Tvede

  37. WAUWWWWWWWWWWW ♥♥ Deler med stor glæde med alle og håber heldet er med mig så jeg vinder ♥♥
    følger din blog og stort TILLYKKE
    er helt vild med denne konkurrence og håber at være blandt de 5 heldige der vinder <3<3
    Jane Tvede

  38. Hello! My facebook name is Becky tomlinson
    Great winter product is the plum berry metal nail polish
    My Gfc name is beckybum
    My email is

  39. Happy Birthday!! (better late than never:)
    I think HOTmakeup Spot Undercover would be a perfect product for fall/winter season:
    GFC: Lulu
    FB: Olesia Flegka
    email: redalepou(at)yahoo(dot)com

  40. GFC :miarsi ningsih
    FB User: orion zee
    i think perfect product for winter is

  41. GFC & FB: Tabitha Nicole
    I think the perfect HOTmakeup Nail Polish Hot Purple is perfect for fall!

  42. The Diva Gold nail polish set ( would be perfect for autumn, imo. Fall doesn't have to mean murky, dark colors! :)

    GFC/Facebook: Jacee Sellers
    email: jmsllrs[AT]

  43. Happy birthday!

    GFC and Facebook are both: Melanie Snyder
    I would pick these two for right now:
    for Winter I would pick:

  44. My favorite product is

    GFC Sabeeta Janjua
    FB Sabeeta Janjua
    twitter @SabeetaJanjua

  45. gfc blublu
    facebook name Georgia Karantani
    email katnatasha(at)

  46. I'd like to win Goodiebag 2 for my girlfriend.

    Reza Ismaili

  47. I'd love this one:

    gfc and fb: gloria tea
    gloriatea at hotmail dot com

  48. im following as toshi galvez
    and liked hot makeup as toshi galvez
    e mail:

    i loved this

  49. Wow I am absolutely amazed about the response I have been getting about this giveaway. It makes me really happy. Thanks to everyone wishing me a happy birthday, made me really happy :)

    I do have to point out that you guys have to follow the rules mentioned above. I will only be picking out winners from correct entries. So please follow the rules mentioned above or I will have to discard your comment when picking the winners.

    Ifanyone has any questions at all feel free to contact me.

  50. fb ana amanti
    i like this berry color polish .
    gfc va
    tumblemumbo at

  51. fb: christina deneuve

    this would be at must have for fall>/winther

  53. Super-happy and wonderful post-Birthday!!!

    -Wow, great and tempting products- I think Bitter sweet, Avantgarde , Flamingo and Golden glamour are perfect nail polishes for fall outfits as well as Gold & black glitter eyeshadows :)
    about fall I can just think about warm colours reflecting the colours of the leaves *_*

    porcukorborso at gmail dot com
    FB: Szabina Luzics
    GFC: Szappanbubi

  54. hey.. 1st of all happy belated birthday :)
    n thanx a lot for such lovely giveaway..
    according to me HOT Cream Eyeshadow No. 01Farve: Purple/Lilla along wid hOTmakeup Multi Eyeliner Mascara 04 – Purple GlitterFarve: Lilla Glitter wil b gr8 for a winter eve...n for cozy autumn HOT Liquid Eyeshadow Coral apricot Cremet eyeshadow will b gr8 :)
    browsed thru n jus loved their products .their nail polishes r soooooo good.
    here r my details...
    FB drritika masih
    email subscription thru
    gfc sweety smiley
    thanx again..

  55. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    I would pick the HOT Cream Eyeshadow number 05 - it would bring a brightness to the eyes to counter the dullness of winter

    FB: Shilpa Gandotra
    Following your through GFC: Shilpa Gandotra

    And in case I win :D, my email:

  56. I love the cosmetic lens sets. This one is perfect for fall: but I kind of like the other two better.

  57. Hi done all steps.

    Facebook - Tina Holmes
    GFC - nicks-1983

  58. HOT Liquid Eyeshadow Coral apricot Would look lovely!

  59. Happy Happy Birthday :-)

    Hot stuff - Hot makeup have so many must haves... :-)
    Off cource I like yoru facebook and following your blog...
    My facebook name is: Tina Irene Povlsen

  60. happy bday!!!!! ! !

    i like the glitter eyeshadow #5
    it reminds me of autumn leaves =]

    and i follow your blog as maria elena
    my fb name is maria elena sebelist

  61. Happy birthday!
    Id go with HOT Loose Eyeshadow No. 11. I like bronze like colors ;P

    GFC: Jasmine Cox
    FB: Jasmine Cox

  62. GFC: Notmai Rheelnaim
    Facebook: Kate Lindstrom
    I liked the page

    I think that HOTmakeup Nailpolish 90 – Avantgarde is perfect for fall. That oxblood shade is super trendy right now.

  63. GFC: megha
    FB name: Megha Saraf
    Hot makeup Single eyeshadow Bronze would be perfect for fall.

  64. Happy birthday - though some weeks ago! I will turn 36 on November 7th - so apart from 1 month - I am 10 years older than you :) Still enjoying my age of 35 though!
    Think this nail polish is so right for this Autumn:

    Hope for an early birthday present! :) So wonderful with 5 winners! Love all the goodies!

    Mvh. Helene Braüner Bisgaard (fb)

  65. hope you had a great birthday!!!
    love the "HOT Glitter Eyeshadow No. 07" great for the fall :)
    Tal Moscovich

  66. wow, happy birthday!
    GFC: fatema
    i think Multi Eyeliner Mascara 10 – Dark Turquise will be awesome!
    facebook name: zaara khan

  67. really really like goodie 1 and 5! so gorgeous! :D
    Facebook: Nie Yile
    HOT Cream Eyeshadow No. 02 i think this colour would be awesome! :D

  68. HBday ! :) I love .
    Fb:Jess Claire
    GFC: nickyclaire

  69. Happy Birthday !! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway !!

  70. facebook John Mspt
    gfc johnmspt

  71. :) happy birthday!
    GFC: natasha sobhn
    i like Multi Eyeliner Mascara 10 – Dark Turquise will be awesome!
    facebook name: natasha sobhn

  72. Unfortunately 2 of the winners have not claimed their prize. I will do another draw for these 2 goodiebags and the new winners will have 48 hours to claim their prize. Good luck


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