Monday, October 1, 2012

Bye bye baby!

I hate wasting product, I hate throwing things out and I always try to get something to work for me but this madness has to stop.

I am talking about my hate relationship with Garnier miracle skin perfector BB cream.

I am honestly not sad to see this product go, I could not get it to work for me at all. It was way too greasy for me for summer and its way too dark for me to be used in the winter time. I also recently learned that Garnier tests on animals (saw it in a youtube video so I may or may not be correct)

But I will not be trying anymore Garnier BB creams and this one will go in the trash. I have actually really tried to use it up but I have only used half of it and now I just can't stand the thought of putting it on my face.

I gave it a pretty neutral review earlier this year, I don't think this product is awful for dry skin but it's not for my pale oily skin.



  1. I actually really like this product :) Shame you didn't like it though!

  2. I would have liked it if it matched my skintone and did not make me so oily. I really wanted it to work.


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