Friday, October 19, 2012

Jordana Lip Dazzle

Another lippie from my birthday haul. I was curious about these after trying the Jordana easyshine lip colours. There were 8 different colours/scents to choose from. I wanted to go with something more appropriate for fall. I chose the colour Berry punch.

Price: $1,99 on

Packaging: Solid clear plastick with two half circle pans, one containing a clear balm with glitters, the other containing a colour. It seems very sturdy and easy to carry in your purse. Could have used a little mirror for touch ups. Contains 3,40 grams of product.

My first reaction when this arrived was. WOW that is way too dark for me. I will probably never get to use it. I new I was gambling a bit, as I normally really hate glitter, but thought it might be nice with a little sparkle for the darker months to come.

The colour actually turned out really nice on my lips, like a my lips but better with a hint of berry tint. The glittery part is not that glittery at all. I think all the glitter particles may be at the bottom of the pan so I had to dig a bit to get any glitter to how up in the swatch below.

The product  has a sugary scent to it. I don't realy think it smells like berries, maybe a candy version but I really like the scent. However you won't be able to smell it once it's been on the lips for a few minutes.

I am absolutely in love with the texture of this bouncy balm/gloss. It's quite firm yet melts with contact and glides smoothly on to the lips. It's extremely moisturizing on my lips and makes my lips look a little fuller, because of the sheen and moisture.

It has no taste, wich is good, I feel like this gloss/balm lasts a little longer than a normal balm would because of the bouncy yet non sticky texture.

I will probably not be using the glittery side as much, I find that the glitters look a little chunky when applied. But I bet it could look really nice layered on top of lipstick or as it's ment to, paired with the colour balm/gloss.

I am really impressed with this product, for $1,99 I got way more than I was expecting. I foresee a winter hit here. I will be looking into more colours next time I visit cherry Culture.


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