Monday, October 22, 2012

L.A. Colors Color spark palette

This is a relatively new palette from LA Colors, I saw it on Cherry Culture and thought it looked interesting, so I had to try it. There are 3 colour options to choose from and I chose this one called "sensation"

Price: $3 on Amazing price!

Packaging: Typical LA Colors plastic palette with clear plastic lid. It's nothing much but it feels ok sturdy, I would not hesitate to travel with it. And I do kinda like that you can see the shadows without opening the lid. But you do get what you pay for when it comes to packaging. Comes with dual ended sponge tip applicator. no mirror.

Ok I admit it, I was drawn to the pretty shades and colours of this palette. But I do like my other LA colors shadows so I kinda knew what I was getting (great quality eyeshadow in cheap packaging)

No primer or base underneath.

I was curious to find out if the "paint splatter" was just an overspay or if it was that colour underneath as well. It's just an overspray so the cute splatter design will wear off quite fast. But hey for 3 dollars I don't really mind.

There are no matte shades in the palette and no glittery either, there is a mix of metallic, satin and velvets. You get 10 different shadows, Only two of the silvery greys are somewhat similar but not completely.
I love these shadows, they are soft. smooth and blendable. A lot like the ones from my Eye design palettes. They stay on all day with my Too Faced shadow insurance and they are really nicely pigmented for just 3 bucks! And they are cruelty free! yay.

That medium brown shade is such a great shadow. It can easily be worn alone when your in a hurry and don't have time to blend, shade and highlight etc. 

You do have to watch out for fallout a bit, and I would recommend a good primer or base to get the most out of the shadows

I really love this palette and would recommend it to anyone looking for these types of colours. I will not be getting the 2 other palettes, only because they are blue and green, and I'm not that into blue and green.

What do you guys think about this palette? I think it's super versatile and really pretty. 



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    1. It does look really cute and for only 3 dollars it's a bargain, I do like the LA colors eye designs better though.


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