Thursday, October 11, 2012

One last try before goodbye: The verdict!

Sorry for not posting this any sooner but I have been busy with my birthday and being sick and all. When I am sick I generally do not wear makeup so that's why I have not gotten further with these posts.

The product I was going to give another try was the Garnier Roll-on concealer. It had been sitting in the far back of my makeup storage for quite a while without ever really getting a chance.

Well I am still on the fence about this product. It's quite a light shade, even for someone as pale as me. And you can't apply it directly to the skin without getting too much product on your face. It also has a nasty habit of clinging to dry spots.

On the positive side, it does stay on all day without creasing underneath my eyes. If placed strategically, and if I can avoid putting it on any dry spots I can actually get away with a decent result that lasts all day.

This is far from a favorite, I feel like it's not bad enough to toss so I will keep using it up but I am not going to repurchase. The only positive for me is the long lasting bit. I have been told Gariner tests on animals so I will not purchase their products until I know for a fact that they dont.


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