Saturday, October 13, 2012

Orofluido beauty hair elixir

I got this in my september Goodiebox and have been using it ever since. This is the 50ml size, you can also buy a 100ml bottle. Orofluido also does hair masks, conditioner, shampoo and shine spray.

Price: 50ml DKK 99,- or about $17 100ml DKK 169,- or about $29 on Cocopanda only ships to Denmark so if you are in Denmark you should check them out. If you are not from Denmark you can get it from it only costs a few dollars more on Beautybay.

Packaging: Very luxurious look and feel to it. It comes in a gorgeous box. The bottle is made of thick glass and has some wheight to it. It looks really nice and classic. However I think a pump or a dropper would be nice as you only need a few drops. But it's not a deal breaker.

It has a warm sweet scent to it. It's described on the box as Amber with a base of vanilla and I can definately smell some vanilla, but not the synthetic bad kind. It has a really really lovely scent very relaxing and pleasant.

It's made up of 3 oils: Cyperus oil, Argan oil and linseed oil.

It's a rich smooth silky and luxurious oil that really makes my hair feel so soft and smooth and adds a really nice shine as well.

I apply a few drops to the palm of my hands and rub them together before applying it to the end and lengths of my hair. I normally use it in towel dry hair after a hair wash, but you could also use it to control frizzy dry hair when styling your hair.

I have tried a few other hair oils and this beats them all and it's even one of the more affordable ones I've tried. This made a differnece in my hair the very first time I used it. My curls became less frizzy and more defined and my hair is not as prone to flyaways when I straighten it.

Be careful not to apply to much or your hair will look like it needs a wash even though you just washed it.

I totally recommend this oil and this is now my holy grail hair oil. I love how it feels. Luxury on a budget...



  1. This sounds great. I love anything vanilla scented!

    1. I love vanilla scents as well. This stuff is really amazing for my hair.


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