Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Palladio Silk FX eyeshadow palette

This is my first encounter with the Palladio brand, I honestly just found out about them, and I felt like trying something from the brand. So I bought this palette from not really knowing what to expect from it.

Price: $12,00 on cherryculture

Packaging: Just your average plastic palette with clear plastic lid. I do however feel like this is less flimsy than other cheaper palettes. But for 12 bucks I would have liked a little design of some sort. I do like how the shadows are sectioned and that is gives you suggestions about where to put the different colours. You get 2,6 grams of product, Even though it looks like you get a lot more. So I'm wondering how deep these pans are or if it's just the powder that is very light weight,

When swatching this I find the shadows to be really vibrant and pigmented, however they don't go on as vibrant on the eyes. You will definately benefit from using a primer and maybe a cream base. It's certainly not impossible to get a good strong eye look with this, you just have to know how to work the shadows.

The powder is really silky and soft, wich is nice because it makes the shadows super blendable, but be careful not to blend too much.

When used with a primer or a base, these last me all day. The vibrancy may fade a bit during the day but there is no creasing and fading is only minimal, so overall I am very happy with the wear time of these shadows.

Only shade I'm not that fond of is the highlighter shade, it's glittery, and it will go everywhere on your face.

So these shadows did not wow me completely but at the same time they made me want to try more of the palettes. I think the colours are absolutely gorgeous and they do wear really well, they just need a tiny bit of help to get them to pop. There are more affordable and more vibrant alternatives out there, but I really do like the combination of colours and I will be reaching for this quite a lot.



  1. It's strange how dark the highlighter shade is !
    I would rather use the all-over base colour as a highlight.... :)

  2. yuo it's a little strange. Also the crease colour is lighter than the lid colour, I think that's strange as well. Butthe colours sure are pretty.


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