Thursday, October 18, 2012

Revlon lip butters review *updated*

This review is from a while back but I recently purchased another shade to add to the collection. So I thought I would tweek this review a bit to fit the new purchase and how I feel about them at the moment. The Original review can be found here.

I have 3 different shades: Sugar frosting, Gumdrop and Peach parfait (Sugar frosting is completely used up now).

Price: About $10-11 on ebay.

Packaging: I love the packaging! it's so classy and makes the product look more expensive than it is. The lids on the lip butters all have different colours matching the colour of the product inside, wich makes it easier to find the colour you are looking if you have more than one in your makeup bag. The packaging seems sturdy and you can definately throw them in your purse and go.

Scent: A subtle sweet sugary vanilla frosting scent. Not that strong. Very pleasant and almost undetectable.

Peach Parfait
L: Sugar frosting, R: Gumdrop

These are not all that conditioning so I would not call them tinted balms, and they are a little too sheer to be lipsticks. The closest description I can give would be, glossy sheer lipstick.

Sugar frosting: Is a very sheer pink, almost nude looking with iridescent pearl shimmer. Super pretty. I can normally not wear baby pinks or nude pinks but this is sheer enough to still suit me.
Gumdrop: A lovely sheer lilac. it has a slight bit of shimmer in it but is not pearly like "sugar frosting" is. This can be layered for a more pastel lilac colour. This is not as sheer as "Sugar frosting" I would say it is medium coverage.

Peach Parfait: A shiny sheer peachy pink (a little less pink than the picture shows it) with golden shimmer. Just my kind of shade. It's quite subtle and blends well with my natural lip colour but really brightens up my complexion. The shimmer is not over the top but it will stay on your lips a bit after the lip butter has worn off.

Staying power: For a sheer toned, glossy lip product these seem to stay on quite well. They seem to last longer than lip balm and lipgloss. Certainly can't complain.

I'm still really fond of my lip butters, I just wish I didn't use them up so fast. I don't reach for them every single day and they are not a holy grail product. But I think they will become somewhat of a permanent item in my collection, adding a new colour every now and then.

I would still suggest that you check these babies out.  Great bang for your buck. I could see myself trying more shades out in the future, but my lip collection is getting way too big so I need to use some things up first.



  1. Hey!
    Can you pls.leave ebay seller's link also while doing ur posts? Dat would b really helpful for us to knw which sellers are good ones.

    Thank you

    1. Hey Vany. offcourse I can. Normally I just choose the cheapest one though :)I have to admit I feel kinda insecure about recommending ebay sellers that I have only used ones.

    2. This is the link if you are interested ;)


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