Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Time for project pan?

I know I do like one or two project pans a year, but I kinda think it's fun and I really can't justify buyng more makeup when I have unused unopened things in my traincase. So I thought I needed to do this again.

I feel like I have been finishing my other project pans too quick, so this time I set up some more strict rules.

  1. Use up 10 lip products (glosses, balms, lipsticks, stains etc.)
  2. Use up 3 face makeup products
  3. Use up 3 face care products
  4. use up 2 mascaras
  5. use up 3 of any makeup products
  6. use up 3 skin care products
  7. use up 2 hair care/styling products (shampoo/conditioner not included)
  8. Hit pan on one blush ( I only have completely full blushes so this will take time)

I will be keeping my monthly beauty box subscriptions and I will still accept gifts and products for review.

BUT I cannot purchase any makeup or skincare while the project is going on.

I can buy shampoo, conditioner and makeup remover and hair dye.

I know I'm doing this at the worst possible time, with christmas specials and what not just around the corner. But I can do it!

I have plenty of makeup reviews coming up so I won't be short of posts because of the project pan. 

Wish me luck.


  1. Yay, I love it when you do project X pan :D

    1. You do? yay that makes me really happy. I was afraid it would be boring with more project pan :) so you just made my day.


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