Monday, October 15, 2012

TonyMoly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar

I purchased this on Ebay as a part of my Birthday haul. I just thought the packaging was so freaking adorable I had to try it.  I picked the colour/scent called "Juicy peach"

Price: $5,77 on Ebay.

Packaging: Super cute jumbo lip pencil style. Each different colour/scent comes with a different bunny face expression, how cute is that! The cap fits snugly around the jumbo pen so it's not going to fall of in your purse. The twist up function is however a little flimsy, and the product sometimes need a little push to get back in the tube.

It says that it's a gloss bar, however it's more like a balm. It's not super glossy but does lend a bit of a subtle healthy sheen to the lips.

"Juicy peach" smells just like the name implies. Like a fresh sweet peach. I really love this scent it's really childish and playfull.

Do not expect opaque color from these. It's more like a tinted lip balm type of product. This "Juicy peach" adds a sheer wash of light peachy pink goodness to my lips. It's almost like it brightens my lip colour a bit without making my lips look pale at all. This one does not contain shimmer but I think some of the others may.

It actually wears way better than I would expect from a tinted balm. So even though you don't get a whole lot of product it should last you quite a while. 

Overall I really like this little cutie, it's really moisturizing on my lip, it smells great and it looks cute, both in the packaging and on the lips. I need to look into more of these Gloss bars.


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