Monday, November 12, 2012

Guest post by Alessandra!

Hi everyone! My name is Alessandra over from Cakes, Cupcakes and Cosmetics and the lovely Loevens has let me do a guest blog post here today. So, today, I'll be reviewing the NYC (New York Colour) Liquid Lipshine in Rockefeller Red. I bought this lip gloss at Superdrug on a hunt for a non-sticky, sheer and wearable lip gloss. That's not exactly what this Lipshine gave me..

It looks like a non-shimmery but still glossy shade, which is what I was after. I got the Liquid Lipshine in the shade 'Rockefeller Red' because it seemed like a nice, not too bright red. Unfortunately, this turned out to be not so great after all!

As I unpackaged the product, I realized it looked very pink-ey and shimmery - I was getting less and less sure of this product, but I was still hopeful it would be a nice, non-sticky gloss as it had promised on the packaging!

This swatch shows about 2-3 layers of the product, so it's not very pigmented. There's a lot of shimmery flecks in the product and it's very, very sheer. I definitely noticed that the product was extremely gloopy and very hard to apply evenly - here is a picture of the applicator with some gloopy gloss attached.

I'm never usually affected much by the smell of products, but this is absolutely terrible. I HATE the smell of this Lipshine. It smells like fake sickly sweet strawberry and orange and it's way too overpowering - really not for me! I really, really can't stand the smell of this product. Yuck!

This is a 'before' swatch of my natural lip colour (I know, yucky chapped lips!) without any products, and below if the 'after' swatch (2 layers of the NYC Liquid Lipshine in Rockefeller Red):

For the amount of product I used, I was really dissapointed in the colour and glossiness payoff. I have to say, I was very dissapointed overall with this product. It's gloopy, has a very odd smell, and has bad colour payoff. This definitely wasn't one of NYC's best products - compared to other cheap brands like MUA and e.l.f.'s lipglosses, I'm really dissapointed. On the bright side, my mum loves the smell so I think it'd make a great little stocking stuffer for Christmas!

Thank you so much Loevens for letting me ramble on your beautiful blog. I hope you all enjoyed my review - for more, come and visit me at!

Loevens will be guest blogging on my blog very soon, so look out for that as well! I hope you'll see me again on here shortly - thanks again Loevens for the wonderful oppurtunity!

Have you tried this product? What did you think? Leave Loevens and me a little note!

XxX Alessandra

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