Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holika Holika Pore Magic cover BB powder

Yet another item from my birthday haul. I saw this on Ebay and thought it looked really cute. Yeah I'm a sucker for cute packaging and I am a sucker for Asian cosmetic brands. I thought I could use a new face powder and the "pore magic cover" bit did sound quite interesting too.

Price: $13,70 on ebay.

Packaging: Super girly pretty pink compact. I really love everything about this packaging. The compact feels extremely sturdy and high quality. Even the little powder puff feels great. You get a really great big mirror. And there is a seperator between the powder and the puff so you never get powder all over it. And the powder itself just looks really cute with the little strawberries on.You get 10 grams of product.

This is part of a series of face product dealing with refining and covering the pores. They are all decorated with strawberries. I am note sure if these products are supposed to contain strawberries in one form or another. I was afraid it would be strawberry scented but no, it just smells like regular face powder, wich is a good thing, I don't want my whole face to smell like fruits.

This powder has amazing coverage and it applies really nice. I use it as a setting powder and to add a little coverage. I really feel like this makes my foundation look better throughout the day.

 I do feel like it controls oils quite well, I do still get a bit oily but I can go a work day without blotting my face with this on. Also a little tip: I sometimes just dab the powder puff on my face if I look a bit shiny, the texture of the puff takes the shine away even with no powder on. So that way I can deal with the shine without getting cakey.

I actually think this is the nicest powder I have ever tried. And I really enjoy using it. As for the pore magic bit, I don't know, it does make my face look more flawless but I don't think it does anything to my skin in the long run. Just a really great powder with some oil control and nice coverage.

I do recommend it. And I would repurchase once I have gotten through all my other powders.



  1. HI! ;D Just a tip: the powder puff wil get stuffed with bacteria if you don't wash it often. I got a really bad breakout of my powder puff before I found out you CAN clean them :P
    And! I am looking forward to youre next youtube clip :D

    1. That's true, it's important to clean all sponges and brushes regularly. I use a daily cleansing spray and wash my brushes weekly. I am hopefully able to make a few videos this week. But I won't be able to edit them until next week.


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