Thursday, November 15, 2012

New CID cosmetics I-bronze review

I was sent this to review by wich is the Danish version of Glossybox and Birchbox etc.
My opinion is however 100% my own.

Price: £22 or about $35 wich I think is super pricey.

Packaging: Nice white pearly compact. seems very sturdy and has a big mirror. Definately great quality packaging.

This is a baked bronzer with marble effects. You get some pale pink, some beige and some different browns swirled together in this bronzer. The idea behind that is that no matter your skintone, you should be able use this bronzer, by simply swirling your brush onto the colors that best suit your skintone. I find that to work really well, I mostly just use the lighter side. However I don't feel that this would do much for someone with darker skin.

The bronzer do has some shimmer to it, so I would not use it as a contour but more like a wash of color to your cheeks and whereever you need a little bronze glow. It's not glittery but I wouls still be careful not to overapply as this can get quite shimmery. It also works great as a body bronzer.

The powder is very finely milled and very soft, it blends well and looks great on the skin.

It does last quite good as well, although it will start fading as your foundation starts to wear off during the day.

I really do think it's a great bronzer, lovely color, not too orange or anything but I honestly don't know if I would pay 35 bucks for it. Mostly because I'm not that into bronzer and I feel like a cheaper one could do the same for me. Oddly enough I find myself wanting to try one of their baked blushes wich is the same exact price lol. So I guess it comes down to how much you are willing to spend on an item vs. how much you are going to use that item.

would you guys pay 35 bucks for a bronzer?



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