Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project pan update.

My project pan is going really well, it will take quite a long time before I will be done but I enjoy going through my stuff.

So here are the things I have used up since I started, some of the things were almost used up when I started but they still contained at least 1/4 product.

Essence lip balm: I really enjoyed using this and I wish we had Essence in Denmark. But we don't

Rimmel sexy curves: not going to miss this much. It did not really work for me.

Elf tinted balm: I enjoyed using this a lot, it tastes sweet and really conditions, I have one more of these.

Jordana lip out loud lip gloss in VIP, I really like this gloss and I would certainly repurchase, actually I already have (before the project pan)

Body shop, brazil nut scrub. I'm really sad to see this go, this is by far my favorite scrub ever and it's not easy to get my hands on in Denmark as they only get a few of the brazil nut scrubs every now and then.

Sally Hansen, hand lotion. Gritty grainy and not very nice, I used it up anyways but I would not repurchase.

Skinfood peach pore sake BB cream, I really enjoyed using this a lot, and I certainly would consider repurchasing, I just need to go through all my other bb creams first.

So that's it for this time.



  1. looks like there's some good stuff there :)


  2. Great job! I am also on a Project Pan except I am doing 20 items. eeeh :( Its going to be hard but I just have way too much! I just started a blog and I'd love for you guys to check it out and give me your input! http://thecrazyhousegirlfriend.blogspot.com/

    1. Good luck with your project, it really is hard but I also have way too much stuff to justify making another purchase.


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