Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jordana Color tint blush stick

I have been curious about these little cream blush sticks ever since they launched on cherry culture. So I knew I had to try one when I planned my cherry cutlure haul.

Price: $ 2,99 on Cherryculture.com

Packaging: I actually thought these would be bigger. They are about the size of the Eyeko fat balms or ELF all over colour sticks. The colour on the packaging matches the colour of the blush. It's a tiny chubby twist up stick. Twist up function seems to work well and the clear plastic cap fits snugly around the tube. You get 6 grams of product.

The colur I chose is called "blushed" it's a peachy pink with a golden shimmer. (see a pattern here? all my blushes seem to be different variations of peachy pinks with golden shimmer)

It's quite pigmented and creamy, but it can be sheered out quite a bit. I can actually see why they call it "color tint" because when blended it can look quite like a tint/stain just with the added shimmer.

I don't find it overly shimmery on my face, it just adds a subtle sheen. And it does not feel greasy on my cheeks either. I only use a tiny bit because I'm quite pale, but the more you use the more greasy and shimmery I think this would be. 

Scent: I'm not that crazy about the scent, it smells like old lady and cheap lipstick, if you know what I mean. And the scent kinda sticks with me for a few hours wich annoys me a bit and actually keeps me from reaching for this that often.

It's not the most long lasting cream blush but paired with a powder blush it will last you through the day. But the scent really ruins this product for me.

So although there is nothing wrong with the quality of this blush and, it's average wich is fine for the price. I just can't see myself picking up anymore of these, simply because of the scent.I will however keep using this as I really love the colour.

Have any of you tried these? how did you find the scent?


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