Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Lip products of the year

I seem to have a soft spot for lip products so ofcourse I have gathered and tried quite a few in 2012.
I will only be mentioning 5 different products for each category.  The products will be listed in no particular order. I will link the products to previous reviews and posts if one has been written about the particular product.

Jordana Lip Out Loud - VIP
NYC extreme lip glider
Sephora glossy gloss
The Body Shop Hi-shine lip treatment
Too Faced Glamour gloss

Sephora Color reveal lip balm
Cherry Culture, Lip balm, peach
Jordana lip dazzle
ELF, Conditioning lip balm spf 15, Nice&Natural
Tony Moly petite bunny gloss bar

Revlon lip butter
MAC sheen supreme
Sephora Maniac long wearing lipstick
Jordana easyshine
LA Girl luxury creme lipstick

And the winners are...

Too Faced glamour gloss: I love the feel of this gloss on my lips, smooth soft and cooling. The lips actually does plump up without any burning sensation just the nice cooling feel.

Jordana lip dazzle: Technically not really a balm but I use it as a tinted balm. I absolutely love this product, not only is it super affordable it just brings out the best in my lips and it feels amazing on.

Revlon lip butter: I chose this because it just feels so nice on my lips and the colour selection is so great. However I do feel that I have to give a special shout out to LA Girl luxury creme lipstick as this is probably my second favorite lipstick ever! So actually they both deserve to win product of the year.

This year I feel like I bought a lot of lippies, found most of them to be nice enough, found some of them to be horrible but only found a few of them to be absolute faves for a long time to come. So my I found it easy to decide on the winners this year. These products are all products that I want to try more colours from.


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