Monday, January 21, 2013

Holika Holika Magic pole mascara

I stumbled upon this mascara on Ebay, and thought the wand looked kinda interesting. So I decided to try it out even though I thought it was a little on the pricey side.

Price: $ 15,11 on

Packaging: It comes in a nice triangular box with information and instructions on it. And ingredients list as well. The mascara tube is really pretty, and the handle is iridescent purple. The wand is really special. I have seen mascara wands that looked like the ball part before and I have seen regular mascaras with a little ball on the end. But this is long and big enough to be used seperatley. The packaging is really really nice, and it feels like it's good quality as well.

This mascara claims to be smudge proof, and it really is, it's one og those types of mascaras that is removed with warm water but still can handle a bit of tears and such during the day. I really like that.

At first this mascara was a bit too wet, wich makes my lashes clump together a little easier. But with a bit of use it does thicken up a lot.... actually it dries up pretty fast. Mine is actually aslready dried out now. 
It did not really do much for my lashes, the wand was a bit annoying to use and it did not lengthen at all. So it was just an OK everyday mascara, nothing really special about it.

It was not a bad mascara at all but you could certainly get a better quality mascara for less than the price of this one.

But if you like subtle lashes and think the wand would be fun to try I say go ahead and try it, it does wear really nicely throughout the day but it just does not wow me.



  1. I thought this mascara was freaking awesome! too bad, hey I ahve this idea, could you please upload a pic of your eyes before and after? I would be really grateful. thanks ^^

    1. I would love to, but the mascara dried out before I got the chance. It is not a horrible mascara just thought it was a little expensive and dries out fast


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