Sunday, January 27, 2013

MUA Undressed palette quick review

I got this palette for christmas, I also own the Imacculate collection and the day 2 night palette so I knew what kind of quality to expect.

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This is said to be a dupe of Urban Decays Naked palette. I do not own that palette as I only have Naked 2 palette. From what I have seen online, the colours are quite similar but the quality of Urban Decay cannot be beaten. These MUA shadows are nowhere near as vibrant or pigmented without a base.

This is a decent palette, it has a nice variety of neutrals and the quality is quite decent. If you have oily lids, this may not be for you. I find that these shadows works best for me in winter time, in the ummer my lids are too oily for these shadows to stay put.

My conclusion would be, you get more than you pay for but don't expect it to be up there with too faced or Urban Decay. It is a nice everyday eyeshadow palette.



  1. hey love this :)

    following you right away...

    Have a look on mine too just a beginner

  2. Sikke nogle skønne farver(:

    1. Ja ikke? Den er bare super anvendelig :-) tak fordi du tager dig tid til at kommentere


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