Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cool Cos haul - Initial thoughts

So I have had a few days to play around with my Cool Cos items, and thought I would let you know how I have been liking them.

Keep in mind that this is just my first impression of the products, I have only swatched them and tried them on once, so my opinion may change.

Cream Blush: Amazing pigmentation! the blush is quite large and you only really need to touch the product to have enough for one cheek. Quite impressed so far, was a little afraid that it would be too pigmented but it blends really nicely, but you do have to be careful with it.

Baked shadows: Forget about getting more than one colour our of these. The different colours are too mixed up in the pan to single out any one with you makeup brush. However I do like the quality and I chose them based on what colour I would get if I mixed them all together so not disapointed about that. For some reason they are called matte shadows, wich they are not. The big pastel one is kinda satin finish and the small bronze one is almost metallic. But I like them a lot as I knew what to expect when I bought them. These did not let me down.

Single shadows: Now these are not my favorite. The peach shade is packed with glittery fall out and the burgundy/plummy shade is a bit powdery and chalky. Pigmentation is great and they are very affordable but I feel there are better alternatives on the market.

Lipsticks: WOW these lipsticks sure do pack a punch, very very pigmented indeed! I got two different kinds of formulas and I do like the formulation of the neon red and the brown the best, very creamy, very pigmented. No scent or taste what so ever, wich is good. The pearly pink lipstick is quite pigmented as well, and a bit more drying than the others, so I prefer it with a balm underneath to just give my lips a hint of pink pearly shimmer, I like how it makes my lips look fuller.

Lip glosses: the 2 lip glosses on the left are very smooth and light, great if you hate sticky lips but I find them a little boring. The quality is fine, they just dont really excite me. The lilac gloss (long lasting) however is another story, I love it! it is more thick yet does not feel tacky or sticky. It reminds me of a smoother version of the Elf tube glosses. It really does last quite well on the lips and I find the formula to work well on top of lipstick.  The click type lip gloss is awfull in my opinion. It looks like it's going to be awesome but it goes on gritty and makes my lips look uneven and lumpy. I suspect it has something to do with the strange specks of glitter it contains. The lip gloss pencil is the most awesome colour ever! however it goes on like a matte lipstick rather than a gloss. So not what I expected but I am still really loving it.

Concealer: Actually quite nice! it's very natural looking, I wish it was just a little lighter on me as it has no brightening effect on my skin because it matches my skin completely. It does cover dark circles somewhat. Gives a very natural look and it does not seem to crease on me. So quite good.

I have not really gotten to try out the eyeshadow pen or the shadow/liner pen yet. I have a feeling that I am not going to like the green eyeshadow pen, but I think I will like the beige liner/shadow.

So wich products would you like to hear more about?



  1. Deres eyeshadow pens fungerer slet ikke for mig... Har en lilla, som jeg har haft brugt 2-3 gange, men det hele ender med at samle sig i en streg lige over øjenlåget. Så den er ikke ligefrem på top 10'en over deres produkter.

    Jeg er dog også begejstret for deres læbestift!
    Jeg venter lige nu på en pakke med en masse produkter derfra, som jeg glæder mig til at vise frem på min blog.

    - Satina Wandel.

    1. Super, det glæder jeg mig til at se... Har ikke turde bestille online da deres farver er helt forkerte på nettet i forhold til det jeg har set i butikken. Tænkte jeg ville bruge pennen som en base for pudderøjenskygge for ekstra farve. Jeg kan anbefale sephoras egne øjenskygge penne. Du har lige tid nok til at smudge og blende dem inden de "setter" og så sidder de der altså bare, både med og uden skygge og primer.

    2. Har også kun bestilt produkter, som jeg har set i virkeligheden for at være på den sikre side, for ja, farverne snyder gevaldigt. Jeg har deres Creamy Lipstick 14, som er en mat rød og på hjemmesiden ser den ud som om den lægger tættere på det orange.
      Jeg har haft brugt min under lilla pudderøjenskygge (idet den er lilla), hvilket gjorde, at pudderøjenskyggen holdt længere end normalt. Så der kan den også bruges.
      Lækkert, det skal jeg da tjekke ud. Har kigget på så meget i Sephora, men jeg har slet ikke fået købt noget derinde endnu!

      - Satina Wandel.

    3. Har lagt det op på bloggen nu, hvis du ville se, hvad jeg har fået hjem med posten: :D

      - Satina Wandel.

    4. Tak for linket, det skal tjekkes ud


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