Monday, May 13, 2013

My "palace" behind the scene

Hello everyone, I am very very pleased to announce that I have moved to my new place and will be putting up some posts this week. Oh yeah and I am alost back to my natural hair color! yay

I thought I would let you guys see some of my apartment. The pictures are from a week or so ago, so some progress has been made. But still, you'll get the idea of how it is.

TV room

My Awesome sofa

My TV room is my favorite room. I have since mounted my tv on to the wall and added a few details. I still need some paintings and stuff to complete the room.

Some of the dining room, has since been unpacked
 I have unpacked pretty much everything and added a few plants and stuff, I will take some better pictures later.
The puff slides into the sofa to make an extra large sofa. Great for movie night.
I love how my living room and dining room is seperated by these half walls. I will be putting some big candlesticks on each side of the walls soon.

So that's all I have to show for now... it definately needs some paintings and some potted plants and some decor to make it look a little more "lived in" But it's slowly getting there. And I have absolutely no more cash in my "decor budget" this month as the TV and the sofa set me back a few thousand bucks.

I cant wait to get settled a little better and show you how cozy this place is becoming.



  1. Nice new spacious apartment! xoxo.

    1. Thank you :) I'm really happy about my new place.


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