Thursday, May 16, 2013

Small Sephora haul

I took a little trip to Copenhagen today, to find some goodies that could get me started on blogging again.Even thoug I only bought a few things I am over the moon happy about the things I got.

I got a scrub and a small perfume in the scent: Monoi, wich is my favorite scent for summer.

I got a new shower puff

I got a new waterproof eyeshadow stick in beige

I got a gloss pencil in orange

AND I got the new Froncover Metallic pastels look book. I absolutely adore these "books" This is a part of their spring line and I already own one of the books from their fall line so I have apretty good idea about the quality. I cant wait to try these things out!

Reviews will come once I get to really try out these products.


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